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Tuesday 22 March 2016

Apache Cordova Update 7 released

Apache Cordova is a popular mobile application development framework. PhoneGap was an open source project started by a company called Nitobi. As part of Nitobi's purchase by Adobe, because the PhoneGap project had many contributors from large companies like IBM etc, the project was contributed to the Apache Software Foundation.

Whats New
In this update we have some new features as well as bug fixes.

1-Ionic Templates
2-Updated Project Templates

Bug Fixes

  • vs-tac install fails if AppData path has a space in it
  • Reported Crashes
  • Project name with spaces invalidates package.json file, breaks NPM
  • Store packaging for multiple architectures only copies one package file to AppPackages directory

Please read msdn blog article for more details.


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