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Tuesday 28 June 2016

Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 and .NET Core 1.0 is Available

Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 and .NET Core 1.0 Available Now. It includes the run time and libraries for .NET Core and ASP.NET Core and a new set of command line tools, as well as Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code extensions that enable developers to work with .NET Core projects.

You can download Visual Studio 2015 Update from here.

Changes list:
1- Tuned the algorithm for releasing cached project information to one particular shape of solutions.
2-Some cached project information was simply retained for too long, regardless of the solution.
3-VS enabled high-impact features like full code scanning in all cases, rather than allowing users to select whether they wanted them on or not.

4-When VS would fire events aimed at multiple projects in a solution, VS wouldn’t properly batch them; it processed them one by one.

5-VS would sometimes promote metadata references to project-to-project (P2P) references for a better experience; however, for some customers (those with complex P2P reference chains, or with post-build steps that modify binaries), this was actually degrading performance.

All of these fixes are included in Update 3.
For more details you can read the original blog post on a Microsoft blog.


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