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Monday 18 July 2016

Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.3 is available

The Visual Studio team relinquished an incremental update to its Visual Studio 2015 Implements for Unity.  Among the transmutations in version 2.3 is a number of fine-tunes for debugging issues, especially for those who utilize Xamarin in conjunction with VSTU.
Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.3 Includes

  • VSTU no longer conflicts with the Xamarin tools, preventing you from debug your Unity game.
  • You can now use the text, XML, HTML and JSON string visualizers when debugging.
  • Support for function breakpoints in Visual Studio 2015 is now included.
  • All of Unity’s MonoBehaviours are now available from our wizards.
  • Multiple issues in the expression evaluation of the debugger have been resolved.
For more details you can read the original blog post on a Microsoft blog.


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