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Friday 13 January 2023

DSA Problem solution: Find Kth Largest Element in an Array using Heap in C#

Given an integer array nums and an integer k, return the kth largest element in the array.

Note that it is the kth largest element in the sorted order, not the kth distinct element.

Example 1:

Input: nums = [3,2,1,5,6,4], k = 2

Output: 5

Example 2:

Input: nums = [3,2,3,1,2,4,5,5,6], k = 4

Output: 4


public class Solution {
    public int FindKthLargest(int[] nums, int k) {
        PriorityQueue<int, int> heap = new PriorityQueue<int, int>();
        for(int i=0;i<nums.Length;i++)
        int j=0;
        while(heap.TryDequeue(out int queueItem, out int priority))
                return queueItem;
        return -1;

Video Explanation:


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